Consultation (30 min)
1 treatment (15 min)
Skin tag removal, ruby points, ages spots, keratoses and capillaries

What is the purpose of receiving a paramedical treatment with the Vasculyse device?

Eliminate embarrassing and unwanted skin imperfections in a permanent, safe, non-invasive, fast, efficient and affordable way.

What kind of skin imperfections can we treat?

Vasculyse treats telangiectasia (small diffused and dilated blood vessels, often called rosacea), ruby points (blood vessels in the form of red dots), pendulums (often called skin tags), brown or aged spots and millia (tiny hard grease balls).

How does the treatment work?

This non-invasive procedure is virtually painless. It employs low currents and the use of a tiny needle which, unlike electrolysis, is at no time inserted in the epidermis (skin).

In the case of telangiectasia (small blood vessels) and ruby points, the current induces coagulation in the vessel. The body absorbs the unused capillary. This process is called electrocoagulation, conducted by which the vessels are absorbed and eliminated by the body. Ruby points do not come back once treated.

In the case of a pendulum removal (skin tag), the needle dries up the base of the pendulum and detaches. The pendulums do not come back once treated.

In the case of brown or aged spots, the needle slightly touches the skin by hachuring the brown skin. The low current and heat detaches the skin and sticks to the needle. There is therefore a new pink or whitish layer on the surface of the epidermis, which will resume its natural hue in the healing process. We see best results on white or pinkish skin.

Contraindications, cannot receive treatments:

Severe diabetic taking insulin, uncontrolled high blood pressure, taking anticoagulant such as coumadin, hemophiliacs, pregnant women, anyone who has shingles, AIDS, cancer, viral hepatitis, cardiovascular diseases and wearing a pacemaker.

Factors telling us to treat differently:  

Metal implant, rosacea, infectious acne, cold sore, local cancer, Botox injections or any other type (need to wait 21 days before treating around or close to an injected area).


$50 for 30 minutes. Consultation includes an explanation of the various treatments, fill out a mini medical questionnaire, handout an information sheet, do a full body examination to evaluate what is treatable, determine the time required to do the treatments and advise on the best time of the year to treat.

What’s the duration and cost of treatments?

The sessions are set for 15 minutes. A longer session is also possible. The results are quite amazing! $75 per 15 minutes.

Who can receive treatments?

Anyone who has the desire to get rid of embarrassing and unwanted skin imperfections, and not suffering from any of the contraindication mentioned above! Call 819.332.1933 to make an appointment or send me an email to Come and consult now!