Ionic Detox (30 min)
6 sessions
Additional session

What is ionic detoxification therapy?

Designed specifically to remove toxins from the body, stimulate circulation and manage pain.  No other system is more effective in reducing pain, increasing energy and providing well-being.  Since our body is composed of 70% water, we have an interaction with the field (detoxification ion).  The toxins in our body will look like the predominant toxins in a specific place; however, there will be more particles of toxins in the water with the feet immersed in the bath.

What should I expect from detoxification?

We may have to wait a few sessions before we see the positive effects of eliminating toxins.  Healthier people will feel an increase in energy and concentration.  People with edema, gout and joint pains mentioned that they found relief after the first session.

The results vary according to the people but here are some benefits:

Helps skin problems; makes viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi inactive; promotes weight loss; relieves headaches; slows down the aging process; rejuvenates and stimulates your entire body; disposal of heavy metals; increases energy; accelerates recovery as a result of accidents or illnesses; improves your body’s oxygenation; helps relieve pain and tension; better sleep quality; reduces inflammation and water retention; positive effect on the immune system; improves your body’s flexibility; eliminates toxins and wastes often cause by health problems related to the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, bladder, urinary tract and prostate, lymphatic system and much more.

What is the purpose of detoxification?  

To clean the inside of the body.  Toxicity is a problem that everyone will experience in their lifetime.  The toxins come from our food, air, cleaning products, cosmetics, alcohol, medicines and other varied sources. In our toxic environment, the acidic wastes stuck in our body’s tissues, along with chemicals and heavy metal residues accumulates in our body and causes allergies, mental and physical illnesses.

Signs of toxicity:

Toxins in our body can cause health problems such as: obesity, lack of concentration, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pain and arthritis, allergies and sensitivity, cancer, energy drop, decreased sexual desire, digestion problem, skin problem, depression and much more.

Who should not be detoxifying?  

Anyone with a pacemaker or an electrical implant; who has received an organ transplant; taking medication for heart problems or to regularize the heart rate, high blood pressure, depression with medication; pregnant or breast feeding.  A medical questionnaire must be completed on the first visit.

How often do I have to detox?

A semi-annual program consisting of 10-14 sessions of 30 minutes per two days will give the best results.  Elderly people and 50 + who are not healthy should extend the time between each session of an extra day.  Children can benefit between 8 to 10 sessions varying of 10-20 minutes, once a week only.  Ionic cleansing sessions should be done before 6:30 pm the latest.

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